May 15th - 17th

What is RevolutionUC?

RevolutionUC is a student hackathon in which we invite students from across the midwest to partake in a weekend of code, community, and self-improvement. You don't have to attend the University of Cincinnati and you don't have to be a computer science major or engineering student. We're looking for people who share our passion to do awesome things with technology.

Let’s build together

"Don't simply dream, create. Don't simply create, ship. Don't simply ship, dream." - Ryan Lilly

Projects are one of the key elements in any hackathon. At RevolutionUC, you have 36 hours to create something awesome from start to finish with your team. We’ve seen awesome mobile apps, web applications, and hardware hacks in the past and we’re excited to see what will be made this spring.

Let’s learn together

"Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn." - Benjamin Franklin

Learning is essential to a hackathon. Whether you’re a veteran hacker or a first-timer, we’re excited for you to learn something new! We’ll have exciting tech talks throughout the event and we encourage all our attendees to learn something new!

New to the hackathon scene? Awesome! We’re excited to have you. We’re more than willing to help you get you started with your first hack! With our team of mentors, assembled from our organizer team and software engineers from our sponsors, we’ll help get you started and get you past the bugs and bumps.

Let’s grow together

"Strength lies in differences, not in similarities." - Stephen R. Covey

Hackathons are more than just a competition or showcase of technical skill. At RevolutionUC, we strive to create an all-inclusive community that acts as an outlet in which we can join our peers and share our passion for all the incredible things that can be done through programming. We’re excited to share this ethos with all of our attendees and come together to grow the hacker community here in Cincinnati.

Let’s start a revolution!

Join us on May 15th - 17th to build, learn, and grow together!

We're still nailing down this year's schedule,
but here's what last year looked like!


8pm - Opening Ceremony

10pm - Idea forming workshop and team building.

11pm - Hacking begins.


All day - Hacking and tech-talks


11am - Your 36 Hours are up! Hacking ends.

12pm - Show us what you hacked at the project expo.

2pm - Closing ceremony


Do I need an idea or team to sign up?

Nope! We'll be hosting an idea generation and team building workshop to help people think of ideas to work on at the hackathon. So you should sign up regardless.

What if I don't have any experience?

We will have a top shelf team of veteran mentors to help you hit the ground running with ideas and guidance, plenty of opportunities to engage other talented and curious individuals like yourself and of course lots and lots of fun events right when you hit that rough patch. RevolutionUC is a learning and sociable experience for people of all experience levels.

What are some examples of projects?

Check out some of the awesome submissions we had in the past!

Where do we sleep?

We will have a space near our hacking area set aside for attendees that want to sleep. We'll be buying large amounts of Red Bull and other caffeinated drinks so hopefully you won't have to.

Where do we park?

Parking will be in the USquare East Garage


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