Major League Hacking 2019 Hackathon Season

Health and Well-Being

Design and develop new and creative solutions to personal health.

How can we improve the life of a patient?

Innovate the way we learn, diagnose, and treat illness.

Disrupt how we practice personal care.


New to hackathons? New to tech? Try anything and ask for help! Who knows, maybe you'll win a prize!

Equality & Inclusion

Work to solve problems related to gender equality and inclusivity for marginalized groups.

How can we tackle a problem related to gender equality?

How can we promote inclusiveness for marginalized groups?


Help to educate the next generations of students.

How can we better engage students?

How can we bring the classroom into the 21st century?

Demystify Data

Find new ways to analyze and use data.

How can we turn an arbitrary data set into something useful.

Is there a better way to analyze and easily view a large data set?

How can we use machine learning and artificial intelligence to make sense of data?


Find ways to help organizations and other individuals better communicate and organize?

How can we help organizations better reach their consumers?

How can we bring tech to all people?

Non Tech

The tech industry involves much more than programming or hardware. Find a way to use your non technical skills to improve the industry, or the world.

Have an amazing business idea? Develop a plan and realize how you can bring it to life.

Talk with mentors to discover their biggest non technical needs. How can we help them? Get creative, and unleash your ideas!

Best Pun

Hackathons are fun, and so are puns. Incorporate your best puns into your projects.